Nevada County Grown Activities

Following are some of the things that Nevada County Grown does to meet our joint missions of promoting local agriculture and doing educational outreach to the community.

Farm Guide.  
The annual Farm Guide is an important activity for NCG.  Click here to view or download the current Farm Guide or to download the App for your iPhone.

 Creating, maintaining and enhancing this web site stands alongside the Farm Guide in the promotion of Nevada County Grown producers.  In addition to presenting the information that is in the Farm Guide, we provide an individual web page for each NCG Ag Member plus additional information about NCG and ag-related events in the community.

Ag-Sperience at the Fair.  
Each year NCG creates an exhibit in the “Ag-Sperience” area of the Nevada County Fair.  We provide Farm Guides to the public and encourage people to join NCG as either Ag Producer or Community members.  Our display may change from year to year but it represents various aspects of Nevada County agriculture.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see pictures of our 2014 Ag-Sperience booth.

Producing Marketing Materials. As we are able to raise funds, we are increasing the number of marketing materials available to raise awareness of our county-grown agriculture and to  build brand recognition.  The beautiful Nevada County Grown logo stands for high quality, locally grown agricultural products.   We have produced the following, and will continue to develop more marketing materials.

  • Signs, to put up at your farm/ranch or at farmer’s market booths.
  • Post cards and brochures.
  • Stickers with the NCG logo, to put on products.
  • Produce twist ties with the NCG logo..

Tabling & Speaking.  
“Tabling” refers to setting up a table at events to meet with the public, discuss Nevada County Grown, hand out Farm Guides, and answer questions about local agriculture.  We table at several events and venues every year, such as the Home & Garden Show, BriarPatch, Wild & Scenic River Festival, and other opportunities.  

We also speak at a variety of groups and organizations in the area, talking about local agriculture and answering questions.  

Annual Membership Meetings.
 We have an annual membership meeting each year in early spring.  It is generally a pot luck dinner (with lots of great food from our food producers!) and includes speakers and/or discussion topics.  It is an opportunity for the Board and the Members to get together to socialize and to share ideas.  The meeting is open to both Agricultural Members and Community Members.

Bounty of the County.
 This event is big enough that it gets its own page!   Click here for information.


Pictures of the Nevada County Grown booth at Ag-Sperience, 2014.
Click on pictures to enlarge.

NCG booth 4

NCG booth 1

NCG booth 5NCG booth 7NCG booth 2