Felix Gillet Institute

Amigo Bob Cantisano
North San Juan, CA
email: thefgi@gmail.com

We identify, protect and propagate rare heirloom fruit and nut trees, grapes, roses and perennial multi-purpose plants collected from heirloom mother plants still growing that were planted during the Gold Rush era. Plant origins are collected in Nevada, Yuba, Sierra and Placer counties from old mining camps, towns, homesteads and farms.

Every plant comes with a story. Plant a piece of pioneering history and keep the efforts of master nurseryman Felix Gillet and many miners, ranchers, homesteaders and farmers alive into the 21st century.

Most fruit and nut trees are sold as dormant bareroot with 1⁄2”-3⁄4” caliper and pruned back 4′-5′ tall and can be shipped via UPS. Figs, grapes and lilacs are sold dormant in one gallon pots and will not be shipped. All plants, except walnuts and chestnuts are grown organically at Heaven and Earth Farm at 2400’ on the San Juan Ridge, Nevada County, CA.

HISTORY:  Beginning in 1871, Felix Gillet, of Nevada City, CA, imported, bred and introduced most of the plants that comprise the foundation of California and Pacific Northwest perennial fruit, grapes and nuts. Gillet introduced hundreds of varieties that helped create these industries: Almonds, Walnuts, Filberts, Chestnuts, Cherries, Apples, Pears, Figs, Table, Raisin and Wine Grapes, Plums, Prunes, Apricots, Peaches, Roses, Nectarines, and Strawberries. Many of his introductions are still the leaders of their industry, while others, then widely planted, provided the genetics for further breeding that led to today’s popular varieties.

SALES LOCATION:  By Appointment only on San Juan Ridge.

DIRECT SALES: Via website, email and phone orders.
Plant sales October – March for pickup January – March.

OTHER OUTLETS:  Sweetland Garden Supply, North San Juan