Farm Guide

Nevada County Grown is pleased to bring you the Farm Guide each year.  The Farm Guide is the “go-to” publication for finding local agricultural products.  It is available in several formats:

  • The printed Farm Guide is distributed widely, in stores, chambers of commerce, etc., and it is included in an issue of The Union newspaper shortly after printing each year (generally in April).  Approximately 25,000 copies are printed and distributed each year.
  • It is available on this website, to view or download.  See below.
  • There is an iPhone Farm Guide App available in the App Store for download to your iPhone.;

Click on the image of the Farm Guide cover to view or download the file.
NOTES:  File size is approx. 4.3 Mb
After the file has loaded, you can hover your mouse
in lower right part of screen to show icons for printing, saving, etc.

Cover, small

Click on the App Store button to download the Farm Guide App.    

This is your mobile guide to local food in Nevada County. It’s the easy way to find  local, farm-fresh foods and other farm products. Covers 12 areas around Nevada  City and Grass Valley with maps of local farms and farm outlets. The guide shows  you the local sources for more than two dozen product categories from Alpacas  and Beef to Wine and Wool. Look up farms by name, product or area. Like to shop  at farm stands or farmers markets? They are all in the Farm Guide. Everything you  need to know about local Nevada County farms, their products, and their outlets  is in the Farm Guide.

The Farm Guide App is not an ebook version of the printed farm guide. The App  is a cross-indexed searchable guide to farms, farm products, and farm outlets. For  example, tap on ‘Products’ then ‘Eggs’ to instantly see the farms that sell eggs  and how to contact them. You can call them directly from the App or visit their  web site. It’s all there at your fingertips — the mobile guide to local food.

And it’s free!



We’d like to express our thanks to all of the local producers who provided information for this guide, and to the dedicated production team.

  • Project Manager: Joan Clappier
  • Editor: Joan Clappier, John Powers
  • Graphic Design: Lisa Rose, Luci Wilson
  • Advertising Sales: Barbara Kuvet
  • iPhone App: John Powers

A special thank you to Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply for storing the Farm Guides during the year.