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These are the Farms and Ranches of Nevada County Grown.  They produce a wide range of agricultural products.

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  • Perhaps you only remember that his name was “John” and he sells hay.  Enter “John” in the Search field to select only the members named John.  One sells hay.  Voila!

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Farm / Ranch NameOwner(s)RegionProducts
A Star AlpacasAnderson, Kerry & BobReg-GVAlpacas, Wool/Fleece/Fiber Products
Atirb AcresHowes, LeeReg-SCtyEggs, Lamb, Raise Your Own
Back to Basics FarmBielen, Patty and Rob Reg-GVPoultry, Eggs
Bierwagen’s Donner Trail FruitBierwagen, Chris Reg-174Fruit and Vegetables, Eggs, Pumpkin Patches, Christmas Trees & Wreaths
Bitney Springs FarmRiccio, ChristineReg-BitEggs, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Pumpkin patch
Calmil TeoyoticaRaskie, Sara & Tony CervantesReg-NCFlowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Herbs/Herbal Products
Cone and Hill Christmas Tree FarmCoenen, Donn & Nicole Reg-SCtyChristmas Trees and Wreaths
Coufos CellarsCoufos, Henry & Janet WheelingReg-RRWine
Dawnridge FarmAngulo, Carlos & ErinReg-SCtyEggs, Poultry
Dinner Bell FarmNakahara, Molly & Glowaski, PaulReg-174Poultry, Pork, Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers - Cut
Donner Trail RanchPaasch, BobReg-174Lamb, Wool/fleece/fiber products
Double Oak Vineyards & WineryHilsman, Robert & VirginiaReg-SJRWine, Tours
Early Bird FarmSperoni, Drew & Stu MatthewsReg-BitFruit and Vegetables, Grains/Beans/Seeds and Nuts, Herbs/Herbal Products
Elster RanchThompson, RobertReg-SCtyBeef, Goat, Lamb, Pork
Family Friendly FarmsZeiter, Philip J. and Alicia K. Reg-GVBeef, Eggs, Lamb, Olive Oil, Pork, Poultry
Felix Gillet InstituteCantisano, Amigo BobReg-SJRNurseries/Plant Starts
First Rain FarmVan Wagner, TimReg-NCFruit and Vegetables, Seeds, Goat, Herbs/Herbal Products, Sawmills/Lumber/Firewood, Tours
FogDog FarmDraz, Kristen & William HollandReg-SJRFlowers, Fruit and Vegetables
Forster Herb GardenForster, Doug & B J Reg-SCtyHerbs/Herbal Products, Alpacas, Flowers, Wool and Fleece
Fresh Starts Organic FarmPratini, Randi Reg-NCNurseries/Plant Starts
Gallino RanchGallino, David & Barbara Reg-SCtyBeef
Grass Valley GrainsHamilton, Reed Reg-174Grains/Beans/Seeds/Nuts
Green BlessingsMcNaughton, Linnie and GregoryReg-SCtyFruit and Vegetables, Flowers, Beef, Herbs/Herbal Products, Nurseries/Plant Starts
Greg’s OrganicsWeber, Greg Reg-GVFruit and Vegetables
Grizzly Hill FarmDiggins, Ray & Cheri Reg-SJRFruit and Vegetables, Herbs/Herbal Products,
Nurseries/Plant Starts
Heart & Soul Alpacas and SpinneryBall, Karen & Russell RattiReg-PVAlpacas, Compost, Tours, Wool/Fleece/Fiber Products
Heronview Fiber RanchGibbs, Debbie Reg-BitWool/Fleece/Fiber Products
Hollyoak RanchMone, Susan & Mike Reg-SCtyHerbs/Herbal Products,Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers, Nurseries/Plant Starts
Hopeful Hill RanchPowers, John & Janey Reg-BitEggs, Hay, Tours
Indian Springs Organic FarmPasner, MikeReg-PVFlowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Pumpkin Patches
Jardin del RioYoung, Aubree Reg-SCtyEggs, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Herbs/Herbal Products,
Honey/Bees/ Beeswax Candles
Johansen RanchJohansen, Mila, Olivia & Rich Reg-PVFruit and Vegetables, Herbs/Herbal Products
Johnson Family FarmJohnson, CodyReg-NCFruit and Vegetables
Keck's KrittersDeeAnna & Bill KeckReg-SCEggs, Fruit and Vegetables, Lamb
Laughing Dogs FarmVeatch, Robert & Renee Reg-PVEggs,Fruit and Vegetables,Wool and Fleece,
Nurseries/Plant Starts, Flowers, Herbs/Herbal Products
Laughing Oak FarmBarr, Autumn & Tyler JensenReg-RREggs
Lazy Valley RanchGleason, James & JeannieReg-PVFruit and Vegetables, Tours, Honey/Bees/Beeswax Candles, Beef (live calves)
Little Boy FlowersTomey, Angela Reg-SJRFlowers
Lindsay FarmLindsay, TonyaReg-SJREggs, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Grains/Beans,Seeds and Nuts, Herbs/Herbal Products, Nurseries/Plant Starts
Manning Boer FarmManning, David & Constance Reg-SCtyGoat
McClaughry FarmsMcClaughry, Gary Reg-GVHoney/Bees/Beeswax Candles
Meadow OrchardReese, LynnReg-174Fruit and Vegetables, Eggs, Lamb, Wool/Fleece/Fiber Products
Moonstone Organic FarmVizino, Janie & Walt Reg-174Fruit and Vegetables
Mountain Bounty FarmTecklin, John Reg-SJRFruit and Vegetables. Herbs/Herbal Products, Flowers
Naked FarmsConfal, Laura Reg-NCFruit and Vegetables, Nurseries/Plant Starts
Nevada County Free Range BeefGates, Jim Reg-BitBeef
Nightingale FarmsNightingale, Steve & Shannon FriedbergReg-174Goat, Raise Your Own
Opus Two AlpacasClappier, Joan Reg-GVWool/Fleece/Fiber Products
P. Bunyan Mobile Saw MillNaumann, Dennis A. Reg-174Sawmills, Sawmills/Lumber
Riverhill FarmHaight, AlanReg-NCFruit and Vegetables
Single Tree LumberMcDermott, Helen & BrentReg-NCChristmas Trees & Wreaths, Sawmills/Lumber/Firewood
Smith VineyardSmith, Gary & Christina Reg-GVWine
Solune WinegrowersHamer, Andrea & Jacques MercierReg-174Wine
South Star FarmHarrington, Peter Reg-GVEggs
Starbright Acres Family FarmBarrett, Ken & Aleta Reg-GVEggs, Fruit and Vegetables, Goat, Nurseries/Plant starts,
Poultry,Tours,Herbs/Herbal Products
Sunrock FarmWells, JeffReg-NCFruit and Vegetables, Grains, Beans, Seeds and Nuts
Super Tuber FarmMineau, JeremyReg-NCFruit and Vegetables
Sweet Roots FarmMiller, Deena & Robbie MartinReg-GVNurseries/Plant Starts, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables
Tanglewood RanchSimmons, Dave & LauraReg-GVBeef, Eggs, Pork
The Buckeye RanchShapero, Matthew Reg-PVFruit and Vegetables, Lamb, Poultry
The James RanchColumbel, Lance & Gay Reg-PVLamb, Wool and Fleece
The Potting ShedStillman, Jim & Kriss Reg-GVNurseries/Plant Starts
Thyme & Thyme Again Herb FarmCimino, James Reg-SCtyFlowers-cut, Nurseries/Plant Starts,Fruit and Vegetables,
Herbs/Herbal Products
Truckee Community FarmThe Kelly Family/Susie SutphinReg-TrucFruit and Vegetables, Tours
Tryon Cattle RanchTryon, Jim & Barbara Reg-SCtyBeef
Willow Valley Christmas TreeSchimke, Karen J. & Greg Reg-NCChristmas Trees and Wreaths
Winter Creek Antique ApplesAeschliman, Rick & Linda Reg-BitFruit and Vegetables


Product Categories for Searching.  Tip:  Use just the first (or primary) word of the category in the Search field.

AlpacasRabbitsFruits and VegetablesWine
BeefRaise Your OwnFlowers: Cut, dried, arranged.Sawmills/Lumber/Firewood
GoatWool/Fleece/Fiber ProductsChristmas trees and wreathsPumpkin Patches (Fall)
LambHoney, Bees, Beeswax candlesNurseries / Plant startsRed Worms/Worm castings
PorkHayHerbs / Herbal productsTours
PoultryGrains, Beans, Seeds, NutsOlive OilCompost
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Geographic Regions

Reg-174Hwy 174 (Cedar Ridge, Peardale, Chicago ParkReg-NCNevada CityReg-SCtySouth Couinty
Reg-BitNewtown / Bitney SpringsReg-PVPenn ValleyReg-SJRSan Juan Ridge
Reg-GVGrass ValleyReg-RRRough & ReadyReg-TrucTruckee
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