Interested in becoming a Buyer of the Food Hub? Please read below!

What are the benefits to the Buyers?

  • Purchasing from many Producers in a single order saves the Buyer the significant amount of time it takes to contact multiple Producers, find out what products they have available, and place individual orders with each.  Research shows that many Buyers who would like to purchase and use locally-produced food simply don’t have the time to go through this process.
  • Aggregating the products of many Producers allows Buyers do volume purchases that most individual Producers could not fulfill.
  • Many Buyers feel that using locally grown food is well-received by their clientele and thus it is good marketing for their businesses.

Are there any fees for Buyers?

The mark up from the Producer price covers a credit card processing fee that relieves the Producer of leaving invoices with buyers and handling collections. The balance of the fee supports Nevada County Grown’s marketing and administrative efforts.

What marketing features are provided? 

Once a week, enrolled Buyers receive the “See what’s fresh this week” email that lists all products available from all participating Producers, arrayed by product type and picture. This reminder encourages Buyers to check out the site as they develop their menus and food orders.

The Hub plans to develop a marketing package to help Buyers advertise that they are using the Hub and supporting local food! We will also be working on ways to promote restaurant specials through our own avenues.

Other requirements

The Hub asks that any participating Buyer checks what’s available with the Food Hub first before moving to other sources. Additionally, Buyers need to agree to accept delivery on designated days.

Interested in becoming a Buyer? Please visit Local Orbit to sign up!