Nightingale Farms

Steve Nightingale & Shannon Friedberg
Grass Valley
Phone: 530 273-GOAT

Nightingale Farms is proud to sustainably raise meat. We offer quality meat goats free from hormones and raised on natural forage and quality feed.  Sold by the whole animal only for custom slaughter or as kids so you can raise your own.
NightingaleWe also have a herd of registered Oberhasli Dairy goats that are top quality, CAE and CL free and perfect for a family milker, show animal or family pet that eats weeds.  All of our animals are socialized and friendly and we will provide you with on-going guidance and support to ensure your experience with goat ownership is a positive one.

Call for information on our products. We are always happy to provide information and education to anyone who is planning to start their own flock or wants some hands-on experience with a milk goat.

Check out Nightingale Farms “from the parlor” line of goat milk lotions at a retail outlet, farmers market or festival near you. Our products as well as many other local handmade gift items are available at our shop Nightingale’s Nest in the Cedar Ridge “Y” behind Apple Alley Cafe.

DIRECT SALES:  Goat meat by appointment (whole animals only).  Call for information.