About Nevada County Grown

Learn about our history, read our mission statement, find out how you can support our events and in-turn support our local farmers and ranchers. Our hope is that we can share with you the importance and value of agriculture to our county.

Mission Statement

The mission of Nevada County Grown is to strengthen the connection between local agricultural producers and the larger community,  by:

  • assisting local agricultural producers in marketing their products
  • educating the community about the importance of supporting local agricultural producers.

The core activities of Nevada County Grown are to:

  • publish and distribute the annual Farm Guide
  • maintain a website with the Farm Guide information and other related information
  • use the logo in various ways to promote local agricultural producers
  • network with other organizations and agencies to promote local agriculture
  • engage in public outreach and education to the larger community.

Nevada County Grown is a non-partisan, non-political organization that works to support ALL Nevada County agricultural producers.

History of Nevada County Grown

Nevada County Grown was incorporated in 2008 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) marketing organization to promote farmers and ranchers while educating the general public about the importance and value of agriculture to our county. But we need to step back a couple of years to understand how this organization came into being at that time.

In 2005-2006, people involved with agriculture, food, and the environment were coming together. It was time to make a stronger connection between the agricultural producers and the general community, and to raise awareness of the value of our local foodshed.

Here are several important milestones:

In 2006, the first Come Home To Eat was organized, with 300 people gathering to hear from farmers and ranchers, and then joining in a sumptuous meal of local foods and wines.

The Local Food Coalition (LFC) was formed as an information network of individuals and organizations who were involved in and supportive of agriculture.
The first Farm Guide was published.

In 2007, the second Come Home To Eat was held, attracting even more people. And the second Farm Guide was published.

Also in 2007, the vision was developed to create a non-profit marketing organization to support agriculture in Nevada County. This organization would continue and expand publication of the Farm Guide, and increase marketing and public education about local agriculture. The chosen name was: Nevada County Grown.

Things moved quickly in late 2007 – early 2008.

The Nevada County Grown Planning Committee was formed, with the following members: Jeff Pylman, Rich Johansen, Roger Ingram, Rita de Quercus, Kathy Laible, Sam Raymond, Rachel Plevin, Michelle Rose and Kay Joy Barge.

A Proposal was submitted to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors for $10,000 seed money to form Nevada County Grown. This proposal was granted.
Nevada County Grown was incorporated, by-laws were written, and an initial Board of Directors was selected.

Nevada County Grown was born. Publication of the Farm Guide passed to NCG with the 2008 issue, a website was created, a beautiful logo was designed, and people were becoming members. The official kick-off for Nevada County Grown was at Come Home To Eat on June 21, 2008. Additional members joined and elections were subsequently held for Directors.

So that is the history.

Since 2008, the Farm Guide continues to be published every year. Distribution has increased to 25,000 copies per year, and is available as an insert in The Union Newspaper or for pick up at organizations and businesses throughout the county and beyond. The first annual Membership Meeting was held in 2009.

Please visit the events page to see what Nevada County Grown is hosting to promote local food and agriculture.

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