FRESH, LOCAL and FUN - Nevada County's Agriculture keeps us Connected

Nevada County is a special place. Those who live here, or visit can feel it.  It’s obvious in its beautiful, idyllic landscape, endless outdoor recreation, countless music and art experiences and thriving downtowns. What is not as obvious is the underlying richness of its agriculture heritage steeped in family history yet welcoming to those who wish to plant roots and farm. It’s not easy. There is a love and dedication to ranching and farming most may not understand.

Over the decades our society has moved towards faster and easier, and something was lost. Good news, our community is finding it in slow food. More and more of us are taking the time to savor and connect, to enjoy the flavor of our community.  Bite into a juicy summer tomato from the local farmers market and the sad tomato that’s traveled around the world to arrive in December just doesn’t measure up.  Yet, convenience, price, and desire can often be the driving factor in a family diet.

Our society loves to eat out.  We are social creatures and we appreciate every opportunity to gather with family and friends for a meal. And part of the appeal of eating out is its convenience, no hot stove and mounds of dirty dishes, just the effort of choosing from a host of new restaurants and delicious menu items. Nevada County’s food scene is blossoming with new and old restaurants alike hearing the call from local foodies with a desire to eat more county grown, seasonal food. In this issue of the Food & Farm Guide, learn how a few restaurants are leading the charge with others quickly following to provide fresh, delicious cuisine options.

There are many benefits to eating local.  The economic factor alone is priceless.  Purchasing food from our neighbors keeps those dollars circulating within our community.  Health concerns are another and can often prompt change in one’s diet.   NCG is moving full steam ahead to assist consumers in finding ways to incorporate local agricultural products into their daily lives.  Flipping through these pages you’ll discover new artisanal products inspired and produced locally and where to purchase them.

We’re excited to announce that our signature foodie event the Bounty of the County continues to grow and will be held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in August at the height of the growing season.  We are collaborating with Sierra Harvest to incorporate a kid’s culinary component that will be fun for the entire family.   Also, our second annual Farm Trail Weekend in July is an opportunity to visit farms and ranches around the county and experience the magic of our local foodshed.  Experience on the farm classes, music, art, and don’t forget to take home some artisanal products.

We are so inspired and appreciative of our unfolding local food culture and the chance to tell the story of our multi-generational ranchers, our young farmers, impassioned food makers, fresh markets, and aspiring restaurants. We hope you share our enthusiasm by trying new and diverse products and support the individuals, from the growers to the chefs working hard to making every meal a special one.