With Services Provided by the Nevada County Resource Conservation District

So, you have a piece of land. Maybe it’s covered with brush, or has pastures with weeds, or has drainage problems. You want to make the most of your land, and you’re concerned about fire danger. Who can you turn to for advice?

Well, it just so happens that Nevada County has a great organization where you can get free advice and acquire tools and services to help unlock your land’s potential. It’s called the Nevada County Resource Conservation District (RCD). Founded in1944, the RCD’s mission is to, “Promote responsible resource management within our jurisdiction through education, leadership, technical assistance, and project facilitation.”

For example, the Advisory Visit Program connects you with a local expert who will visit your property with you and provide personalized advice. Natural resource concerns include:

  • Land use planning
  • Improving wildlife habitat
  • Managing pests / invasive species
  • Erosion control / drainage issues
  • Rural road maintenance / management
  • Pond management / health
  • Pasture / rangeland management

And, that’s not all! If you want to replace the star thistle in your pasture with native grasses, the RCD can arrange a rental of their Min-Till Drill to help. With minimum soil disturbance, this tool creates a seed bed, applies the seed, and firms the seed into the soil – all in one pass.

Another widely used program is the Manure Exchange. The Manure Exchange Program helps connect farmers, gardeners, and landowners searching for sources of local manure/compost with livestock owners and managers who have excess fresh and/or composted manure. Animal manure is a fantastic composting component and a great way to recycle local natural resources!

And, RCD offers lots of Education. They hold seminars and workshops throughout the year on conservation issues that are important to Nevada County landowners, maintain a library of resources, and host events to acquaint the community with ways for us to keep our precious lands healthy.

Conserving our natural resources in a healthy way is crucial. The native plants we sow will conserve energy and topsoil, clean the air, beautify our neighborhoods, provide homes for humans and wildlife, and help keep the environment in balance. Proper spacing between trees and bushes and effective watering techniques will help keep your land healthy for generations.

Feel free to drop by the RCD’s office at 113 Presley Way, Suite 1 in Grass Valley, visit their website at www.ncrcd.org for more information on the programs and services they provide, or contact Sabrina Nicholson at 530-798-5530.