Our Board of Directors


Kwong Chew, President

Kwong Chew is a semi-retired business owner, entrepreneur and advisor. He studied in San Francisco and founded various full-service restaurants, food production, distribution and larger-event catering companies.  In 1997, he moved to Grass Valley. His current local involvement includes board positions with BriarPatch, Sierra Harvest, Bitney Prep High School and incubating numerous food related projects. He was also actively involved with Yuba River Charter School, Boys To Men, Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra (CATS), ManKind Project (MKP), Divine Spark and Sierra Roots. Kwong lives simply and is passionate about healthy living, social justice, finance and community.


Eric Bleau, Vice President

Eric Bleau is a huge foodie and farm enthusiast.  Two years ago, he returned to Nevada County to help on his family’s farm Blue Oaks Ranch, with mother Ruth Bleau.  In addition to regular farm duties, he runs the Blue Oaks Ranch Air BnB delighting tourists with a unique transparent look at an organic farm. He brings a diverse business background to Nevada County Grown.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Finance, form Cal State Long Beach, and a Masters in Real Estate Development for the University of Southern California. He started his career renovating high-rises in San Francisco and then spent a good part of his career in business development and online marketing.  While there, he became an accomplished amateur chef; always seeking the best local ingredients. He has worked with The Good Food Awards, the Slow Food movement, The San Francisco International Tea Festival and the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA). Eric has brought his skills to our local food and farming community through helping organizations such as Sierra Harvest, The Sustainable Food & Farm Conference, The Nevada City Farmers Market, and Bounty of the County.

Leo Chapman, Treasurer

Leo and his wife Debora have lived in Nevada City since 1986.  After a career in the building trade, he found his true passion in growing food. Leo was a co-founder of Living Lands Agrarian Network and a founding board member of the Nevada City Farmers Market.  Recently, he and his wife purchased Harmony Valley Farm, where they have been farming and growing their own meat, flowers and veggies since 2008. They look forward to growing food for themselves and their community for years to come. Currently, Leo is the land match coordinator for Sierra Harvest, and on the Nevada City Farmers Market board as a community member.


Carolyn Price, Secretary

Carolyn Price is actively committed to community building in Nevada County, her home for the past 10 years. As a child, she practically grew up in health food stores as her father was involved in opening the first Whole Foods Market and subsequently all stores throughout the Southwest region. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout college, Carolyn worked for the Amala Foundation, creating and directing Camp Indigo, a summer camp that empowers children to be themselves through art, dance, music, yoga and gardening. She relocated to Nevada County to raise children in a smaller community and enjoy the adventures of homesteading. She has 3 children and currently works as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. Growing and eating healthy food  and building community have been strong themes in her life and she continues her passion for both through serving the membership of Nevada County Grown.


Evelyn Soltero

Evelyn Soltero was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. As an owner- operator of a small business, All About Wells, she assists land owners with land and water management to improve groundwater storage. Her education is rooted in science: a Bachelor of Science in Biology, UC Davis; a Secondary Teaching Credential in Life Science, Humboldt State University; and a Master of Science in the Geosciences, focused in Hydrogeology, Chico State University. She has lived locally since 2003 and enjoys field science, groundwater education, hiking, and riding her horse, Tony. Evelyn is passionate about the opportunity to improve local food distribution by increasing awareness and presence of local food in our schools, our homes, and in the hands of economically challenged citizens.


Samantha Bass

Born and raised in Nevada County, Samantha Bass has a passion for this land and its people. She graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from San Diego State University, and has worked in events and marketing over the last 10 years. Currently she is studying to becoming a Soil Food Web Consultant under Dr. Elaine Ingham and is starting a career in Real Estate here in Nevada County. With a diverse mix of interest and skills, Samantha is dedicated to building a stronger local food culture in Nevada County.

Our Advisors

Jonathan Collier

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Chris Riccio

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Debbie Gibbs

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John Powers

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