For almost 12 years Nevada County Grown has celebrated our local foodshed by promoting our food producers, raising awareness of our rural ecology, and providing resources for our agricultural community. With the 2018 season upon us, we want to share with you some of our continuing efforts.

This year, while continuing with our core commitment to market, educate and promote our local food system, we’re broadening our focus to highlight the wider story of our food culture.

We are renaming our annually published “Farm Guide” to the “Food and Farm Guide”. While we continue to honor our beloved local farmers and ranchers, we’ll also include the story of creative food makers that turn raw ingredients into fabulous recipes, be it jams, salsas or sausages.

Our annual “Bounty of the County” chef competition will be expanded to showcase more of our incredibly diverse farms and restaurants.

The Farm Trail Weekend, a new event, will take local and visiting folks out to the farms and ranches to experience the magic. Pop-up brunches are planned to further feature farm fresh food and culinary expressions.

Education is also taking a bigger role, with workshops on Agri-tourism, farm certifications, volunteerism, and other topics to inform and engage. You will also notice in these pages, a series of articles on agriculture methods and resources, unusual local foods, and farm promotion possibilities.

With all these exciting new opportunities to promote our local food culture I am grateful to be a part of Nevada County Grown. I welcome you, our reader, as you join us in breaking ground on a new season celebrating food and community together.

– Kwong Chew, NCG President